JITL: Just In Time Localization


The need to modify an application so that it can support different languages and cultural settings can appear once the application is finished and even in the market. This may introduce serious time delays and an increase in costs. We solve this problem for web-based software through JITL, a post-hoc method to automatically internationalize websites and web-based applications, without having to modify the source code. With JITL, users can pull resource strings out of an arbitrary website and perform on-demand localization tasks. Based on this novel capability, JITL enables a complete infrastructure for collecting, storing, sharing, and delivering website translations, which invokes a number of exciting scenarios. Our studies show that JITL leads to significant savings in terms of user effort and, in consequence, money. With JITL, now it is possible to localize what is needed, when it is needed.




Our software is free for scientific use (dual licensed under MIT and GPL licenses). The software must not be distributed without prior permission of the authors. Please contact us if you are planning to use the software for commercial purposes. The authors are not responsible for any implication derived from the use of this software.


The main publication derived from this project is the following:

  • L. A. Leiva, V. Alabau. Automatic Internationalization for Just In Time Localization of Web-based User Interfaces. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 22(13), 2015. ACM Press


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This work is part of the Valorization and I+D+i Resources program of VLC/CAMPUS and has been funded by the Spanish MECD as part of the International Excellence Campus program at the UPV (grant agreements SP20140775 and SP20140841). This work is also supported by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commision under grant agreements 287576 and 600707.